Digital Archives of Norway censuses, parish records, photos and tutorials from the Norwegian Archives
Digital Archives of Norway Tips How to guide on using the Digital Archives of Norway
DIS-Norge, the Genealogy Society with an online community for genealogists in Norway which includes a genealogy forum, maps and links
Getting into the Norwegian census For example, it tells you that: for crops, “the unit of measurement was the tønne (pl. tønner) the equivalent of 4 bushels. thus po 1/2 means 2 bushels of potatoes planted
Norwegian – American Dictionary
National Archives of Norway Censuses, parish registers, real estate registers, probate records, property tax records, legal proceedings and tax records and more
Norwegian Farmer Groups Discussses categories of farmers (such as ‘leilending’) in the Norwegian census
Norwegian Emigration Center
Scandinavian Cheat Sheet NEW Peak Scandinavian Immigration to the United States, Patronymic Surname Suffixes