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President's Message


Your Board at Work

At our March Board meeting, we covered a lengthy agenda, and I was pleased to see how much energy is going into new ways to serve both members and non-members. Sue Hassenmiller (Membership Committee) reported on connecting with new members both in-person and on the phone, to learn more about them and their genealogy interests. Betty Wiese (Education Chair) introduced us to plans she has made with a group of volunteers to hold informal “drop-in” sessions for members on a variety of topics. Susan Palmer (Program Chair) let us know that BIGS at the Beach is back on the calendar for August, and we will be alternating Zoom meetings, hybrid meetings and in-person monthly meetings throughout the coming year.

Larry Noedel (Outreach Chair) reported on two ways BIGS is reaching out to the general public. These include our TreeBuilder evening program at the Bainbridge Library which you can read about elsewhere on this website, and our “Why Genealogy?” roadshow that will have its debut at the Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center in late April. “Why Genealogy?” is a 30-minute presentation by several BIGS members, each sharing their story about how they came to genealogy and what they get out of it, encouraging others to consider researching their own family stories. The plan is to make this presentation available to as many community groups as we can.

Impressive, isn’t it. Your Board is working hard to respond to the needs of our members while reaching-out to potential members at the same time. It’s how to make BIGS thrive!

Andy Hoskins, President


TreeBuilder is our newest outreach program, provided in partnership with the Kitsap Regional Library. With it, we offer genealogy help to anyone in our area who requests it. Whether experienced or brand new to genealogy, all skill levels are welcomed. TreeBuilder sessions are scheduled to meet every fourth Monday, 7-8:30 PM, March through November at the Bainbridge Public Library.

The foundation of the program, originally called Genealogy Q&A, was launched late in 2019. Unfortunately, after our fourth monthly session, in early 2020, Covid closed the Bainbridge Library.

We moved the program online and continued to offer our outreach service on Zoom, awaiting the time  that we could return to in-person evening meetings at the library. Then we learned that we would be able to re-start on March 27. this time under the new name, TreeBuilder, which we think better describes the program . We will continue to offer help online to any who would prefer that option.

One of the most important aspects of our partnership with KRL is their ability to publicize the program. TreeBuilder will appear monthly in the KRL online calendar, in their print publication Inspire, and on flyers and other material not only in the Bainbridge Public Library, but also in the other eight libraries that make up KRL.

Check out our description of this program in the Events section of this website here. You’ll note that BIGS members will be doing the helping. And, you do not have to be a genealogy expert to help. Any BIGS member can encourage a beginner to get started and, more importantly, demonstrate that you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy genealogy. If you are interested in joining your fellow members at some future session, please let me know here. We would be happy to have your help!

Larry Noedel, Vice-President

We Have a New Mailing Address!

After all these years, we no longer have our PO Box at Rollingbay.  We are now “mailbox tenants” at the Marge Williams Center here on the Island. From now on, please send mail to:

            Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society

            221 Winslow Way West, #301

            Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

The board decided on this change in part because it solves a long-standing problem of having only a PO Box, instead of an actual street address (which is required sometimes).

An added benefit is free access to a great conference room for our smaller meetings.  The room has Wi-fi and works well for Zoom and/or Hybrid meetings.  Of course, other tenants also use the conference so we have to schedule in advance.

Online Q&A

Date & Time: Guest’s choice

Place: On Zoom

Content: It’s up to you!

Whether new to genealogy or experienced, if you would like some help with what to do next, contact us to set up a personal Zoom session with a few of our knowledgable members.

Everyone Welcome… No membership necessary

You Just Never Know!

A surprise in the family history...

BIGS is looking for more volunteers to help with all aspects of the organization. Benefits of volunteering include learning new skills from other members, sharing your genealogy experiences with others genuinely interested in what you have learned, and knowing that you have helped vitalize our organization.

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