Here are a few of the many reasons BIGS members have joined...

“I spent two years doing my own research on I realized there were a lot more options to finding information and joined BIGS to learn how and where to look…”
“When I retired, the first thing I did was join BIGS. I was looking for a group of friendly people that shared my interest in research and family history — and I found them!”
“I liked the idea of meeting with others to share frustrations and successes about our research. The special interest groups gave me a chance to make those connections…”
“It’s the Monthly Meetings that made me join. I get ideas and tips about how I can move my personal family history to the next level.”

The Benefits of BIGS membership include...

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Individual Memberships $35/year.

Family Memberships $50/year.

Dues paid after October 31st are applied to the following year’s membership.

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