Genealogy News


Genealogy Blog Finder  find a blog on the genealogy topic of your choice
Ancestry  the latest articles from ancestry, monthly
Ancestry Insider  ongoing commentary on and, often with useful tips
Dear Myrtle  down-to-earth advice for family historians
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Daily Blog  Daily Blog from Dick Eastman, with lots of tips on geneology techology
Genealogy Blog  Everton Publishers
GenealogyInTime  a free online genealogy magazine containing genealogy news, articles and links
Genes-Musings  Randy Seaver’s genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news
Genealogy Insider  from Family Tree Magazine
Irish Genealogy News  Claire Santry’s outstanding blog of Irish family history news
The Legal Genealogist  Blog of Judy G. Russell, helping us understand the law and how it relates to genealogy reseach
Photo Detective  Maureen Taylor’s tips on uncovering your ancestry through photographs
Steve’s Genealogy Blog  Stephen Danko’s blog about Polish history, his family ancestry and organizing your tree
Think Genealogy  blog about genealogy and genealogy software with a great Research Process Map
Upfront  the latest genealogy news from the National Genealogical Society
Vita Brevis  from the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), with short essays by the Society’s expert staff on their own research as well as news of the greater genealogical community

Newsletters & Magazines

Fiske Genealogical Foundation Newsletter
Historic Pathways  a collection of her articles and genealogical case studies from Elizabeth Shown Mills, available for download
Prologue  the National Archives quarterly magazine, some articles free online


Dear Myrtle
Extreme Genes  weekly radio show and podcast about genealogy research
Family Tree Magazine Podcast  Lisa Louise Cooke hosts interviews with experts and news from managing editor Diane Haddad
Fieldstone Common  Weekly talk show focusing on New England history with host Marian Pierre-Louis
Genealogy Gems  podcast from Lisa Louise Cooke covering all aspects of genealogy research
Genealogy Guys  podcast discussing current genealogy news with archives that go back all the way to 2005
Irish Roots  Irish Family History broadcasts with extensive archive
National Archives Know Your Records workshops  on using their records
National Archives of England Podcast Series  lectures on English genealogy research


Ancestry’s Youtube Channel  Instructional videos on using Ancestry, grouped in playlists
Familysearch Youtube Channel  Short videos with tips, news and getting started ideas