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President's Message

Attention BIGS Members: Our Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, April 19, immediately following our April Program. Please plan to stay for this brief membership meeting. This is your chance to show your support for your fellow members that have volunteered to take on a leadership role in guiding BIGS forward. We will be asking you to confirm the proposed slate of officers and directors for the coming two years.

Annual Report 2024

This has been a busy year for BIGS! Our regular monthly meetings included nine presentations; we offered Zoom, hybrid and in-person options. We also held three social events – Antiques Roadshow, BIGS at the Beach and our Holiday Party – so members could share their interest and enthusiasm for genealogy with each other.

Last April, knowing that we would be losing Board members and reassigning duties, the Board developed a Succession Action Plan to help us identify and recruit new volunteers and new members for the Board of Directors. We held multiple informal meetings with our current volunteers to get their feedback about their volunteer experience, and plenty of coffee was consumed. We pursued several methods of Outreach, included re-starting our Q&A for non-members under a new name: TreeBuilder Live, and we opened the door to our existing members as well and offered it in the evening at the Bainbridge library nine times. We also developed and provided “Why Genealogy?” – a presentation offered by several of our members to share their stories about what led them to pursue genealogy – for the Senior Center and the Kingston library.

Our efforts have paid off! While we are saying good-bye to two stalwart members of the Board, Susan Palmer and Sylvia Nelson, we are welcoming three new Board members: Ann Ekland, Susie Wood and Michele Will. And, after four years as your president, I am relinquishing the reins, and pleased to be turning things over to our current Vice-President, Larry Noedel.

All in all, things are looking quite promising for the coming year. BIGS is in good shape financially. We have a varied schedule of speakers and events planned, and a Board of Directors invested in responding to our members needs and interests.

Please remember that everything BIGS offers is planned and carried out by volunteers. Many of your current board members have been doing this work for years now. None of us knew how to do the work when we first volunteered to be on the board. We survived the pandemic while other societies did not, because we learned how to use Zoom, learned how to set up a hybrid meeting, learned how to capture opportunities for socializing and sharing, and because we were determined to meet the challenge.

If, as a member, you are enjoying what BIGS has to offer, I ask that you consider volunteering your help. We can use your assistance with tasks large and small, and will work with you to find the role that’s right for you. Together, we can ensure that BIGS endures, and continues to be relevant and successful despite the inevitable turn-over in our leadership and the unavoidable challenges that come our way in the future.

Andy Hoskins, President

Earlier this month, five members of the BIGS Board had the opportunity to tour the Suquamish Museum, with Museum Director Lisa Jackson acting as our tour guide. As Lisa shared with us the museum displays, she also treated us to stories of the Suquamish people – their struggles and accomplishments. We let her know right off that we were all amateur genealogists with a love of family history, and she willingly obliged us. She shared how the tribe is collecting elder stories, historic artifacts, and safeguarding their Lushootseed language. We learned why the Port Madison reservation is a patchwork of tribal and non-tribal held land, where last names came from, how membership is determined by blood quantum and much more. It was a wonderful journey through the history, culture and art of the Suquamish people, just as their website promises!

After our delightful experience at the museum, Betty Wiese, our Education Chair, quickly reached out to see if we could arrange for Lisa Jackson to give a presentation to BIGS. And, I am happy to report that Lisa has agreed to speak to us on the third Friday in November. Our plan is to have a hybrid presentation, with Lisa at the Bainbridge Library. You will definitely want to attend this opportunity to learn more about the first people of the land we all now call home.

Andy Hoskins, President

Lisa Jackson, Director of the Suquamish Museum
Betty Wiese, Susie Wood, Ann Eklund, Larry Noedel, and Andy Hoskins

The Time Has Come!

Unlock those old trunks,  

Rumage through the cedar chest, 

Look high and low in the hidden nooks of the garage,

Pull out those dusty old boxes and…



2nd Annual Antiques Road Show  

June 21, 2024  


Bainbridge Island Public Library  

Come and join your BIGS Friends at the Antique Road Show  

Each participate with have 3-4 minutes to share  

Treasures will then be laid out for all to see more closely as we sip lemonade, have  small treats and enjoy each other’s family stories !