See Meeting Notes – Irish Research Notes and Links Nuala Farrell Griffin

1641 Irish Depositions 31 volumes of witness testimonies, with images, of the 1641 rebellion in Ireland

2016 Family History – New free Irish genealogy education site There are eight modules, focused on the bread-and-butter of Irish genealogy, civil, church, property and census records.

Ancestry ($ or access at local library or Family History Center) Ireland, Selections of Catholic Parish Marriages and Banns 1742-1884

AncestryIreland Ulster Historical Foundation is a long-established, highly reputable research and publishing agency. It offers extensive knowledge on the sources available for tracing Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors. Services include online databases of over 2 million records, genealogy and history books, and personal ancestral research.

AskAboutIreland  Ask About Ireland and the Cultural Heritage Project are an initiative of public libraries together with local museums and archives in the digitization, and online publication, of the original, the unusual and the unique materials from their local studies’ collections, to create a national Internet resource for culture.  Griffith’s Primary Valuation and maps available free. CAUTION: The original maps are on the subscription website and these maps are the “revision” maps. They can be up to 30 years after Griffith’s Valuation and property tenants might not be the same as the original

Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland 1801-1922 Bibliographic database, context for research in Ireland. Use advanced search and material type: British Official Publications.

Fáilte Romhat genealogical information extracted from census, directories, cemeteries and newspapers. Griffith’s Valuation allows you to list everyone in a parish in alphabetical order so you can see variations on a surname

FindMyPast Ireland ($ or access at local Family History Center) Indexes to wills 1270-1858, gravestone and church memorials, military records from the 1798 Rebellion and World War I, emigration records, obituaries and voting lists, subscription or pay-per-view, available for free at any Family History Center

From Ireland Lists of Irish surnames, gravestone records, information on how to research Irish ancestry, parish record information and history, organized by county

Given Name Alternatives for Irish Research List of abbreviations, nicknames and surnames for Irish given names

Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) a free service connecting people researching their Irish ancestry with locals knowledgeable of that area

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum website for a new museum, opened in September 2012, home to the world’s largest collection of visual art, artifacts and printed materials relating to the starvation and forced emigration that occurred in Ireland from 1845 to 1850

Irish Ancestors from The Irish Times, with links and information on placenames, maps, newspapers, wills, directories, General Register Office records, Census, Church records, Property & Valuations and more; with useful information on what records exist and where to find them, many with links.

Irish Archives Resource web portal funded by the Heritage Council of Ireland allowing researchers to locate archival collections in Ireland

Irish Genealogical Research Society  Founded in 1936 in London, England, this Society is dedicated to the preservation and publication of early Irish genealogical records. They have some very unique resources online and have Indexes to early Irish births, marriages and deaths drawn from a variety of sources

Irish Genealogy Toolkit Claire Santry’s Genealogical Toolkit a resource that will guide you through researching your Irish ancestors

Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy A reprint of must read article by James Reilly, published in the Journal of “The Irish At Home and Abroad”, Is There More in Griffith’s Valuation Than Just Names? is available here. Understanding the column headings, notations, abc’s, terminology in the Valuation lists is essential to your research. Just because your ancestor is listed as the “Immediate Lessor” does not mean he owned the land.

National Archives of Ireland rich and varied collections of records which are relevant to Irish genealogy and local history

National Archives of Ireland – Genealogy Roman Catholic parish registers with images, census records for 1901 and 1911, Census survivals for 1821-51, Census Search forms for 1841-51, Tithe Applotment Books 1823-1837, Soldiers’s Wills 1914-1917 and Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1858-1922

Origins Griffith’s Valuation, wills extracts and more, pay-per-view site

Otherdays Dublin wills, Griffith’s Valuation, Ordnace Survey Maps, marriage records, census records and more

Rootschat messaging forum for anyone researching their family or local history with a focus on the British Isles

RootsIreland the Irish Family History Foundation’s unique set of Irish family history records including Birth, Marriage, Death and Gravestone records, index search free, $ to download

Royal Irish Constabulary Forum  This community exists to help in research relating to all old Irish police forces which existed prior to 1922. Its primary theme revolves around the R.I.C., in which tens of thousands of Irishmen served.

The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf Research your Irish ancestors in Canada Shane Wilson’s site with links to townland and directory databases, historic maps and many other free resources

UKBMD Online Parish Clerks Websites Links to websites that offer on-line indexes and transcriptions of UK births, marriages, deaths, censuses, parish records, wills, monumental inscriptions etc.


Irish Genealogy News Claire Santry’s outstanding blog of Irish family history news

Irish Origenes Use your DNA to rediscover your Irish heritage

Irish Roots archive of John Grenham’s column in the Irish Times newspaper

Townland of Origin Genealogist Joe Buggy’s posts aiming to help North Americans find their Irish ancestors came from

Books & Magazines

Free Irish Genealogy eBooks list of free eBooks and eJournals on the topic of Irish, Irish-American and Irish-Canadian genealogy; read books online or download

Irish Life and Lore CDs and books focused on living history available to purchase

Irish Lives Remembered monthly e-Magazine about Irish family history

LibraryIreland historical books and articles relating to Ireland

National Library of Ireland – Main Catalogue deals with all the books in the National Library reading rooms.

National Library of Ireland – Source Database for Irish research, contains over 180,000 catalogue records for Irish manuscripts, and for articles in Irish periodicals.  Database of source materials from the National Library of Ireland, catalogues books and periodicals of Irish interest held in the National Library and research centres and universities in the US, Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Cemetery Records

Glasnevin Trust 1.5 million burial records from 1828 to the present day, cemeteries: Glasnevin (aka Prospect Cemetery), Dardistown, Goldenbridge, Newlands Cross and Palmerston, crematoria: Glasnevin and Newlands Cross with images of the burial register Ireland & Northern Ireland Cemetery Records

Irish Graveyard Surveyors search Irish graveyards to locate a specific grave or browse through a graveyard or number of graveyards


Census Finder Links to transcriptions, databases etc. Incomplete, but a great resource if your ancestor is listed.

Census of Ireland 1901 and 1911 all 32 counties, searchable by all categories, with images, from the National Archives of Ireland

Ire-Atlas Database A fully searchable database of ALL the Towns and Townlands in Ireland as used for the 1851 census, detailing the County, Barony, Civil Parish, Poor Law Union and Province for each Townland

Irish Census 1821-1851 the remains of early nineteenth century censuses that survived the fire at the Four Courts in 1922

1821 census fragments

1831 census fragments

1841 census fragments

1851 census fragments

Ireland Dog Licence Registers 1866-1914 a good census substitute that you can use to place your ancestor in a specific time and place

Ireland Genealogy pension application form (green form) extracts with information from the 1841 and 1851 censuses for all of Ireland, important since there’s no surviving census of Ireland before 1901

See Land Records below for other census substitutes.

Church Records

Catholic Parish and Church Search Search for the closest Catholic Church to a selected location in the late 1830s in early 1840s, on Shane Wilson’s site

Catholic Parish Registers List of Catholic Parish Registers available at the National Library of Ireland with registers available and dates for each parish

Church of Ireland Representative Church Body Read Claire Santry’s Genealogical Toolkit (Toolkit and Blog links above)  for information on this resource. This List is an essential tool for learning if the Registers for a particular parish still exist. Updated in 2016, it is the definitive guide to Church of Ireland registers. Their website have a very small number of parish registers online. Free.

Irish Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915 ($ or access at local Family History Center) Ancestry’s index of baptisms, marriages and burials with links to images at the National Library of Ireland

Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms FindMyPast’s index of baptisms with links to images at the National Library of Ireland

Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages FindMyPast’s index of marriages with links to images at the National Library of Ireland

Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Burials FindMyPast’s index of burials with links to images at the National Library of Ireland

Irish Genealogy Births, Marriages and Deaths PLUS Church records Church records, guides, Central Signposting Index to other sites with databases online. Roman Catholic Church and Church of Ireland records for Kerry, Cork and Dublin among the new databases. Sponsored by Ministry of Arts, Sports and Tourism this is the official Government website for BMD’s. Currently available images are Births 1864-1915, Marriages 1882-1940, Deaths 1891-1965.

Roman Catholic Records Map from the Irish Times shows what records are available for each county and each parish within that county

RootsIreland the Irish Family History Foundation’s unique set of Irish family history records including Birth, Marriage, Death and Gravestone records, index search free, $ to download

Civil Records

Ancestry ($ or access at local library or Family History Center) Ireland Select Births and Baptisms 1620-1911, Irish Civil Registration Births Index 1864-1958, Irish Civil Registration Marriage Index 1845-1958, Ireland Select Deaths 1864-1870

Familysearch Ireland Births and Baptisms 1620-1881, Deaths 1864-1870, Marriages 1619-1898, includes church records

General Register Office Order birth, adoption, marriage and death certificates

IGRS Early Irish Marriages database Index to alternative sources beyond parish registers and civil registration records, from newspapers,the Registry of Deeds and Marriage Licence Bonds

Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland This on-going project to Index all the names that appear in the memorial books at the Registry of Deeds, located in Henrietta Street, Dublin. The Indexes to People and Places, as well as the Memorials have been filmed by the Family History Library, but this is a good place to start. Research at this level is best conducted in Salt Lake City or Dublin.

RootsIreland the Irish Family History Foundation’s unique set of Irish family history records including Birth, Marriage, Death and Gravestone records, index search free, $ to download


Clare County Library includes 1901 census heads of household returns, Griffith’s Valuation 1855 -County Clare Surname Index, 1659 census of Clare, library catalog online

Cork Past and Present Cork City Libraries site with wills, marriage licence bonds, city directories and much more information about tracing your Cork ancestors.

Ireland Genealogy Projects a portal to resources for each county, also more than 71,000 gravestone photos

Kerry County Cemetery Records burial records from 140 cemeteries that the council owns or controls, records as far back as 1898

Kerry Records Online

Tyrone Ireland Genealogical Website Collection of records, photos, obituaries, maps, letters and much more


Genetic Genealogy Ireland YouTube channel with presentations from the 2015 conference


Directory of Irish Genealogy free download of an excellent 77-page Primer of Irish Genealogy. Read Introduction for interesting inside information. Sean J. Murphy, Editor, is Professor of Genealogical Studies at National University of Ireland, Dublin. He is a contributing author to several genealogical publications, both in print and online

FindMyPast Ireland ($ or access at local Family History Center)

Irish Directory Database Links to Historic Directories, some free and some on subscription ($) websites

Pigot’s Directory of 1824 Scanned images of directory of Ireland 1824, listed alphabetically by town

Land Records

Estate Records Find out more in this article.

Griffith’s Valuation Census substitute, a survey of property ownership in Ireland from 1848 to 1864, with maps of the area plus the printed pages from the published Griffith’s book showing not only occupants, but land owners as well

Irish Genealogy News  The new Townland Valuation Translator breaks the ‘code’ used by Griffith’s surveyors (1824–1856)

Landed Estates of Connacht and Munster A searchable, online database of all Landed Estates in Connaught, maintained by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway. Even though it is Connaught-based, it documents the other holdings of a family in all parts of Ireland.

Myirishancestry Griffith’s Valuation index (free), links to other sites for each county

Tithe Applotment books a vital source of pre-famine data given the loss of the 1821-51 census records, compiled between 1823 and 1837, from the National Archives of Ireland


Early Irish Maps c.1558 – c.1610 National Archives collection of early maps of Ireland, created when land ownership was transferring from the native Irish to English settlers, $ to download maps

Galway County Council Ornance Survey Maps 1842 color ordnance survey maps of all towns and townlands in County Galway. Select basemaps (upper right) and Historic 6inch.

Irish Historic Maps Ordnance Survey Maps 1829-1842, pay to download

Irish Townlands Map – Family Search Townland maps for 23 of the 32 counties are available on microfiche from the Family History Library.

National Library of Scotland Find maps of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland view contemporary or historic maps and order paper maps

Pasthomes $ Irish townland maps, subsciption required


National Archives United Kingdom Chelsea Pension Records now online. These are the records of the soldiers that were “discharged to pension” from the British army. This includes the soldiers from Ireland, who were discharged from Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin. Large portion of British Army were Irish born or resident. Many “IRISH” records are still held by the Government in England. Check out the catalogs of resources.


Find My Past Newspapers and Periodicals British, Irish, US and World Newspapers and PERiodical Source Index

Ireland Old News searchable collection of transcribed news stories transcribed from Irish newspapers from the 18th and 19th centuries

Irish Newspaper Archives $ the largest online collection of Irish newspapers with 21 papers including the Irish Independent (1905-2001), Anglo-Celt (1846-2010), Freemans Journal (1763-1924) and the Southern Star (1892-2010), searches free, subscription required to read articles

“Missing Friends” Column ads for missing Irish family/friends in the US, from the Boston Pilot 1831 to 1921

National Library of Ireland – Newspaper Database  these catalogues contain valuable information about resources available. Options to obtain printout from a book or manuscript.

Richard Heaton’s Index to Digitalised British and Irish Newspapers Online index to British and Irish newspapers online with links to many of them, both free and $


Logainm Placenames Database of ALL Ireland with location shown on ordnance survey map, details, coordinates links to archival records available for that place

Placenames searchable index of the 1851 General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, parishes and Baronies of Ireland along with street listings from Dublin, Cork and Belfast cities

Placenames and Surnames John Grenham Search Tool

Townland Search Page searchable database of all the towns and townlands in Ireland used for the 1851 cenus, detailing the County, Barony, Civil Parish, Poor Law Union and Province for that town or townland