Member Stories

Chapter One

The Quick Family in America, By Aimee Mroz

Finding Thora Olsen, By David Bowman

The Search for My Great-Grandparents, By Robert E. Golden

Reunited After 116 Years, By Betty Wiese

Chapter Two

The Death of Col. John Oliver Hoskins, By Andrea Kay Hoskins

Surprise! You Have a New Family Member, By Sylvia Nelson

Research Trip Yields Amazing Discovery, By Mae Gentry

A Life Detoured, By Susan Slater

The Saga of William P. Moore, By Bruce McCain

Returning to the Ancestral Homeland, By Claire Smith

Another DNA Find for the Nelson-Tripp Family!, By Sylvia Nelson

Learning to Count, By Pat Murray Scott

Teach Mhuiris Cnoc Fola å, By Sue Hassenmiller

A Puritan Named Bathsheba?, By Mary Ferm

Melba, By Sue Hassenmiller

Chapter Three

Sharing the Mayflower, By Andrea Hoskins

Family Lore: Fact or Fiction?, By Joleen Aitchison

The Image of Oscar Lott Wozencraft, By Paula Schmidt

Finding Bones, By Lisa Giles

A Woman Ahead of Her Time, By Sue Hassenmiller

My “Sixteen”: The Big Picture, By Mary Ferm

The Earth my Ancestors Shared, By Alice McCain

An Eighteenth Century Journalist Evokes Sentiment from a Marriage and a Duel, By Pat and Don Scott

Chapter Four

My Mysterious Great-Grandfather, By Kay Grant

Closing the Circle, By Betty Wiese

Discovering Fort Zeller, By Andrea Hoskins

Thinking Outside of the Box, By Sue Hassenmiller

The Headstone Hunters, By Betsy Hettich

A Family Myth, By Joan Rynearson

How DNA unlocked my true family history…at age 80, By Larry Noedel

A Monumental Save, By Sharon Soames

“Who is Your Grandma, Dad?”, By Susan Wood

The Palmyra Massacre, By Kathy Stam Penn

Chapter Five

The Pugh Family in Nezperce, Idaho, 1899-1912, By Betty Wiese

Maud May (Morgan) Bemiss – 1884-1975, By Joleen Aitchison

In Our Ancestors’ Footsteps: A Meaningful Trip to the Île d’Orléans, Québec, By Stephanie Balzarini

Moon (SHINE) Over Montana, By Betty Wiese

Finding Anna Joyce, A Short Story By Cathy Jones-Smith

How I Spent My Stay-At-Home ‘cation, By Sylvia Nelson

Filling in the Picture, By Andrea Hoskins

Finding The Rosenthals, By David Cosman

The Button Sisters, By Patti Henshaw with Elaine Gliman

Finding Two-Boater Patrick Day, By Claire Smith

Chapter Six

The James Murray Family Story, By Pat Murray-Scott

My Scots by Way of Ireland, By Andrea Hoskins

Are We Like Them?, By Joleen Aitchison

From the Bible to Black Friday, By Susan Palmer

Dinner with Grandmother Maggie, By Pat Murray-Scott

Speaking up for Women in Rural Missouri in the Late 1800’s, By Larry Noedel

Pugh Family In Nezperce, Idaho 1899-1912’s, By Betty Wiese

Chapter Seven

Solving the Mystery of the Two Marriage Certificates, By Holly Ardinger

January 7, 1776, By Andrea Hoskins

From Mother to Daughter, By Joleen Aitchison

My Memory of Jacob Street, By Pat Murray-Scott

Mudlark: In Search of London’s Past Along the River Thames, Book Review By Mary Ferm

Mon Francais Fantastique Cousin, By Jack Hazel

Operation Market Garden, By Susie Wood

Ireland, Sweden and the Great European Migration 1815-1914, Book Review By Mary Ferm

Family Secrets, By Larry Noedel

Our Daily Bread/ German Village Life, 1500-1850, Book Review By Mary Ferm

My Mayflower Journey, By Sylvia Nelson

First Generations: Women in Colonial America, Book Review By Mary Ferm