Member Stories

Chapter One

The Quick Family in America, By Aimee Mroz

Finding Thora Olsen, By David Bowman

The Search for My Great-Grandparents, By Robert E. Golden

Reunited After 116 Years, By Betty Wiese

Chapter Two

The Death of Col. John Oliver Hoskins, By Andrea Kay Hoskins

Surprise! You Have a New Family Member, By Sylvia Nelson

Research Trip Yields Amazing Discovery, By Mae Gentry

A Life Detoured, By Susan Slater

The Saga of William P. Moore, By Bruce McCain

Returning to the Ancestral Homeland, By Claire Smith

Another DNA Find for the Nelson-Tripp Family!, By Sylvia Nelson

Learning to Count, By Pat Murray Scott

Teach Mhuiris Cnoc Fola å, By Sue Hassenmiller

A Puritan Named Bathsheba?, By Mary Ferm

Melba, By Sue Hassenmiller

Chapter Three

Sharing the Mayflower, By Andrea Hoskins

Family Lore: Fact or Fiction?, By Joleen Aitchison

The Image of Oscar Lott Wozencraft, By Paula Schmidt

Finding Bones, By Lisa Giles

A Woman Ahead of Her Time, By Sue Hassenmiller

My “Sixteen”: The Big Picture, By Mary Ferm

The Earth my Ancestors Shared, By Alice McCain

An Eighteenth Century Journalist Evokes Sentiment from a Marriage and a Duel, By Pat and Don Scott

Chapter Four

My Mysterious Great-Grandfather, By Kay Grant

Closing the Circle, By Betty Wiese

Discovering Fort Zeller, By Andrea Hoskins

Thinking Outside of the Box, By Sue Hassenmiller

The Headstone Hunters, By Betsy Hettich

A Family Myth, By Joan Rynearson

How DNA unlocked my true family history…at age 80, By Larry Noedel

A Monumental Save, By Sharon Soames

“Who is Your Grandma, Dad?”, By Susan Wood

The Palmyra Massacre, By Kathy Stam Penn

Chapter Five

The Pugh Family in Nezperce, Idaho, 1899-1912, By Betty Wiese

Maud May (Morgan) Bemiss – 1884-1975, By Joleen Aitchison

In Our Ancestors’ Footsteps: A Meaningful Trip to the Île d’Orléans, Québec, By Stephanie Balzarini

Moon (SHINE) Over Montana, By Betty Wiese

Finding Anna Joyce, A Short Story By Cathy Jones-Smith

How I Spent My Stay-At-Home ‘cation, By Sylvia Nelson

Filling in the Picture, By Andrea Hoskins

Finding The Rosenthals, By David Cosman

The Button Sisters, By Patti Henshaw with Elaine Gliman

Finding Two-Boater Patrick Day, By Claire Smith

Chapter Six

The James Murray Family Story, By Pat Murray-Scott

My Scots by Way of Ireland, By Andrea Hoskins

Are We Like Them?, By Joleen Aitchison