Website Team Member

(Training will be provided)

We are looking for someone to join our current website team of four. The right person would be interested in learning how to post material to the site using software designed for that purpose. If you are interested in learning more about helping BIGS in this way, drop us a note here.

Next Monthly Program

Maureen Brady

will present

Friday, March 15 @ 10AM

 on Zoom

Irish Family History: The Essentials

Learn to be successful with your Irish family history research. This presentation will discuss how Ireland’s history affects the records and their availability, help for deciphering the layers of Ireland’s land divisions and place names, and the best websites for locating the records.

Maureen Brady, a former school librarian and computer educator, has forty years’ experience with family history research. She has traced her Scottish roots back to the end of the 17th century and beyond, and has also pursued Irish, Swedish, Quebecois, and U.S. Midwest research. Maureen has made numerous presentations to genealogical societies, libraries, conferences and workshops throughout the U.S. A member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, she is also active in many regional genealogical societies.

So, please join us on March 15 at 10AM on Zoom

Everyone Welcome! No  membership necessary but Registration Required

Next Monthly Program

Friday, March 15 @ 10AM

Maureen Brady

will present on Zoom

Irish Family History:
The Essentials

Everyone Welcome! 

No Membership Necessary

Let's Talk!

Very informal conversations about some aspect of genealogy. A broad topic but no agenda. No presentation. BIGS members only. The discussion goes wherever the participants’ take it. A few with experience on the topic will be on hand to help with questions.

Let's Talk! Anything and Everything DNA

Friday, March 10 @ 10AM. Zoom Only. Sylvia Nelson Zoom Host.

Zoom link was sent to all members on March 6.

Drop in and join the conversation!

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BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business


Layers of London

Layers of London is a map-based history website developed by the Institute of Historical Research. Users can access free historic maps of London and contribute stories, memories and histories to create a social history resource about their area. Start exploring now!

BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business

BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business / BIGS Business

A Note from the President

Now Is The Time!

The BIGS membership renewal is underway. I sent out the first email reminder on November 1st, along with a link to the website membership page.  A lot of folks are finding the option for paying online an easy way to go. Others are sending in their checks.

Now is a great time to pay dues for the coming year. It is a tremendous help to the Board to be heading in to the new year with a sense of what the budget will be. We depend on membership dues to cover the costs of pretty much everything we do: speakers fees, meeting room rental, insurance, our website, special events, etc.

Your Education and Program Chairs are at work right now, lining up speakers and planning special interest sessions. We are working to balance our in-person meetings with our zoom meetings, along with social events like the Antiques Roadshow and BIGS at the Beach. Support BIGS and participate in making it all happen by renewing your membership. Click here to renew!

Andy Hoskins, President

BIGS DNA Workshop

Discussion group on all DNA forms to solve problems and advance knowledge. Meetings are held in person and via Zoom.


Our informal genealogy coaching sessions are now available either in-person at the Bainbridge Public Library or Online via Zoom



Every fourth Monday evening
7:00 to 8:30 PM
at the
Bainbridge Public Library

Everyone Welcome

No Membership/Registration Necessary

Next Session: November 27 @ 7PM



Tailored to our guest's needs,
on Zoom
at agreeable date and time

Everyone Welcome!

No Membership necessary 


registration is required

Slide Show from the Holiday Party

By popular demand, here are the slides from the Holiday Party shared by Charlie Averill and Andy Hoskins.

DIRECTIONS: Advance or reverse the slides using the arrows on either side. Jump to different slides using the dots under the slides.

Coming Attractions

Monthly Meetings


Mary Kircher Roddy presents Recreating Your Ancestor’s World

March 15 2024  10AM ON ZOOM

Maureen Brady presents Essentials of Irish Research


Evelyn Roehl presents Pledging Allegiance – The Paper Trails to Naturalization Records

Friday Forum

(Formerly Skill SIG)

Friday, February 23, 10AM

on Zoom

Topic: What do your know about your ancestor's world?

A Facilitated Member Discussion


Share questions, frustrations, successes in your journey to fill in details about your ancestor’s life.  Do you want (or can you help with) ideas about using maps, directories, newspapers and other sources to fill in details about your ancestors? The Friday Forum is an informal gathering to share and learn with others interested in genealogy.

Bring your questions or insights from the February 16, 2024 program “Recreating your Ancestor’s World” and anything else you would like to share or ask about.

Zoom link will be sent via email to all members. No need to register

BIGS Donates
Two New
Library Books

Once again we have added books to the Bainbridge Island Public Library’s genealogy section. If you have a KRL library card you can you can find these books online and reserve them for later pickup. And, if you don’t have a library card, you can get one online here.

A new book, first published in February 2023 by Drew Smith. It pays off the claim, “A fresh approach  to the basics of genealogy.” The book opens by dealing directly with the many questions and issues faced by newcomers to genealogy. From there it is organized by starting with the present and moving back in time, generation by generation and chapter by chapter.

This book, with contributions from John Cleary, Michelle Leonard, Ian McDonald, and Alasdair MacDonald, isn’t new, having been first published in 2019. But, as an indication of its popularity it has been reprinted in 2020, 2021, and 2022. This book is a solid reference on using DNA in genealogy. Its chapters cover a wide variety of DNA topics including DNA principles, testing company comparisons, autosomal DNA tests, Y-DNA tests,  mtDNA tests, and more.

Friday, February 16 @ 10AM



Mary Kircher Roddy

will present

Recreating Your Ancestor's World

Everyone Welcome! 

No Membership Necessary

So, please join us on March 15 at 10AM on Zoom

Everyone Welcome! No  membership necessary but Registration Required

So, please join us on February 16 at 10AM at the Bainbridge Library or on Zoom

Everyone Welcome! No  membership necessary but Registration Required